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Custom Cerakote Coating Services

With coating services available, you can now protect all your possessions with CerakotePowder coat, or hydrographics. Spice up your firearm, watch, outdooru equipment, rims, mufflers, knives, camping gear, and any personal item with bold colors of cerakote. Not only can you personalize your firearm or other item, but you can get protection from the elements including rust, corrosion and wear and tear. From the cool combo kryptek and Multi cam to a completely personal design Cerakote Services at Ceratek are as easy as contacting us to work with your custom design.

Automotive Industry

Cerakote High Temperature Coatings offer high temperature ceramic coatings for the automotive, motorcycle, ATV, off-road and heavy duty truck industries as well as many other high temperature industry applications. As well cerakote can be used to coat most part on a motorcycle and car, as well as add a cool bold color to you rims that powder coat does have. If you can think of what you want coating , Ceratek can come up with the best plan of action for you!

Firearm and Gun Design

At Ceratek we work with the best there is the business from every day shooting hobbyist to Special forces such as MURSOC sniper instructors for up to date designs of fire arms and accessories. Let us put together a package that suits your needs, and with it get a discount on graphics or colors for your firearm. Remember the mission drives the gear!!!!

Marine Industry Coatings

Cerakote was originally designed for firearms has found its way into different industries being a superior coating, and the marine industry is no different. With its corrosion resistance ability it can withstand the salt and make your boat protected and  look amazing. Also cerakote has a high temp that can with stand up to 200 degrees for engine parts as well.

Commercial Industry Coatings

High temp cerakote can has uses in many different industries. Cerakotes Micro slick is a dry lubricating coating that can be used on working parts to help reduce frictions. Call us today to see hwo we can help your parts last longer and work more proficient!

Tactical Training and Self Defense

With our wide variety of qualified trainers and instructor, you will be in the best hands possible! All of our courses are taught by professionals in their respective fields, with real world professional level of combat experiences. No matter your level of knowledge you will grow and expand yours within our courses. Being consistent and repetition is key with all martial arts and combat training. This is because during real life experience your body chemistry changes to a point that if your body is not used to reacting in the right manner, it may not react! Experience is key and we pass that down to you… some stuff that is covered in the Military and Tactical Courses is:

  • hand to hand combat
  • Knife Defense (disarming)
  • Gun Defense ( disarming)
  • Preemptive attacking
  • Basics firearm  mechanics
  • Strategy
  • thought process( most important)
  • Firearm maintenance
  • Gear strategizing
  • shooting techniques
  • and much more!