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Frequently Asked Questions

Ceratek Design Frequesntly Asked Questions!

Most frequently asked questions can be answered by watching the Cerakote™ Firearm Coatings Application Video or by reviewing the Cerakote™ Firearm Coatings Training Manual.

Cerakote Questions!

Q: What is Cerakote?

A: Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation has properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Each of these properties is rigorously tested to guarantee that Cerakote products remain at the forefront of the ceramic coatings market. Cerakote ceramic coatings utilize state-of-the-art technology to out-perform any competitive coating in both laboratory settings and real world applications.

Q: Should I use a Certified applicator and is Ceratek Certified?

A: Yes Ceratek is the only Certified applicator in San Marcos and Redondo Beach, CA. The Certified applicator understands the application of the cerakote moreso than a non certified applicator….There are factor’s that make it possible for having quality and warranty that a non certfied applicator cannot promise. Only use a certified applicator.

Q: Does Ceratek Warranty their work?

A: We warranty our work for cracking, chipping,and flaking for a lifetime…

Q: How do I maintain my Cerakote Finish?

A: After the curing process you can use and gun cleaner on the firearm that is meant for firearms.

Powder Coating Questions!

Q: What is Powder Coating?

A: Powder coating is a dry finishing process, where the coating is applied as a free-flowing dry powder. Unlike liquid paint, powder coating does not require solvents to ensure that the filler and binder parts remain in a liquid state. Finely ground particles of pigment and resin are electrostatically charged and pushed onto products. Charged particles adhere to a substrate then cooked until melted and fused into a solid coating in a curing oven. This forms a skin, with a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.