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Cerakote Elite Series

Cerakote Elite series is the next level of Cerkote. With the thinnest application to date they use an advanced resin technology that enables the incorporation of the highest performance engineered ceramics. Cerakote’s new Elite series leads all other firearm coating with its improved hardness, abrasion resistance and lubricity, all in a thinner application.

Attributes of World-class performance:

* When you experience Cerakote Elite’s high end look and feel, its like no other.

* This single coat, oven cured products an easy application .

* The finish is industry leading in Color consistency and Mil thickness.

* Compatible with more substrates than any other competitive finish.

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With the same protection attributes as the other Cerakote series, Cerakote’s Gen II-series is an coating that helps with IR detection. For Law enforcement or Military Only this unique coating can help not being detected not only by color, but mainly by suppressing the heat signature of the firearm

Attributes of Gen II series performance:

* GEN II- Series is the only IR protection coating on the civilian market

* This single coat, Heat cured coating product is an easy application .

* Must have Law enforcement or military credentials to use .

* This 2 part coating is compatible with more substrates than any other competitive finish.

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Automotive Industry

Cerakote High Temperature Coatings offer high temperature ceramic coatings for the automotive, motorcycle, ATV, off-road and heavy duty truck industries as well as many other high temperature industry applications. As well cerakote can be used to coat most part on a motorcycle and car, as well as add a cool bold color to you rims that powder coat does have. If you can think of what you want coating , Ceratek can come up with the best plan of action for you!

Micro Slick- Dry Film Coating

Micro Slick is a ceramic dry film coating used to reduce friction on a variety of internal firearm components, such as bolts and bolt carriers. Micro Slick has a blueish grey appearance and is an air cured ceramic coating.

Attributes of Micro Slick dry film coating:

* No Catalyst required for curing.

* This single coat product is an easy application .

* Also used in the automotive and marine industries for is friction reducing qualities.

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Cerakote High temp- Exhaust Coating

Cerakote  has a number of high performance coating including the C-186 piston coat, to the MC- series clear coat that can be used on product that get heated , like wheels and signs.

Attributes of Micro Slick dry film coating:

*The Cerakote C-Series comes in various colors and used for high temperature applications up     to 1800˚F and is air cured, being dry to the touch in just 45 minutes

*The MC-Series, which is also air cured, is our industry leading clear coat, which provides a clear protective coating performing on applications that can reach 1000˚F..

*The W-Series has a chrome or polished aluminum type finish and is oven cured at 500˚F for      one hour. Its primary function is for use on exhaust components performing up to 1300˚F.

Cerakote’s V-Series is also oven cured at 500˚F for one hour and comes in a variety of colors, and is used for high temperature applications where temperatures can reach 1800˚F.

*See more information about high temp Cerakote Here!