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Laser Engraving

Do you want a fully custom firearm unlike anyone elses? Or perhaps want a super clean engraved design on you firearm? At Ceratek our experienced laser techs will help you through the design process. We offer a number of different

Laser Engraving adds a lot of uniqueness to you firearm. We can do lots of different clean designs on your firearm, wether its polymer, stainless, aluminum, or many other types of similar materials.Work with our design team to get exactly what you want!

Laser Stippling

While hand stippling is a art form in of itself, laser stippling adds a lot more that can be done with intricate design work. Somethings that can be done with hand stippling cannot be done with a laser and vice versa.....Luckily we offer both!

Choose from one of our many preset designs, or get a completely custom one of a kind design. We can also combine with cerakote to get a top of the line custom firearm design!

Glock 23 | Viking Rune | Laser Stippling
Glock 23 | Viking Rune | Laser Stippling
Glock 23 | Viking Rune | Laser Stippling
Glock 17 OD green laser engraved flag

Cherokee Nation

Aztec Warrior


Cerakote is not a paint that most people think it is. Its a Polymer Ceramic coating that can be applied to a number of substrates such as metal, plastics, woods, and polymers! Cerakote’s formulation enhances wear and impact, corrosion, chemical, abrasion and impact strength on all surfaces it is applied to. Cerakote goes through a number of rigorous testing to make sure the product that is received by the public is at its highest quality. We at Ceratek recommend Cerakote over all other products on the market for firearm and gun coating. However every other company and product has its place.

hydro graphics

Water transfer or immersion printing as it is sometime called is a film that has a design or logo printed on it. This film is placed in water and the item is dipped inside the film as the film then transfers onto the item. This is what hydrographic is all about. Hydrographic’s has an advantage over cerakote only in the design department, as you can transfer anything you can print. However not as strong as cerakote, cerakote does have a clear coating that can be applied on top of a hydrographic for a stronger finish.

powder coating

Powder Coating is a Dry finish process that used electricity to help stick the powder to the material, then is heated to liquify and bond to the material. Powder coating is too thick to be used on firearms, and is not a strong as cerakote. Powder coat however is more cost efficient to be used on larger objects.

graphic design

Graphic design is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. Wether you want to design the look of your firearm, or in the commercial business for redesigning the architecture of a part, the experience is here. Some of the Graphic designs we do include, but not limited to business cars, car wraps, flyers, t- shirts, patterns, stickers, business logo’s, or even a complete redesign of your branding!